ANC Pharmacy Enables Crypto Payments in 1000+ Outlets with Binance Partnership

• ANC Pharmacy, a Ukrainian pharmacy chain, has partnered with Binance to enable crypto payments in its over 1000 outlets.
• Binance Pay will be used to facilitate the payments, with Kyiv outlets being the first to roll out the feature.
• The partnership marks a major milestone for cryptocurrency payments in Europe.

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, has announced a partnership with Ukrainian pharmacy chain ANC Pharmacy. This partnership marks a major milestone for cryptocurrency payments in Europe, as ANC Pharmacy is the first pharmacy to accept crypto payments in the region.

The partnership will allow ANC customers to pay for orders using Binance’s Binance Pay service. Initially, the payment option will be rolled out to ANC’s outlet in Kyiv, before gradually being made available to the chain’s more than 1000 other outlets in the country. ANC Pharmacy-operated pharmacy stores like Kopiyka and Shara will also integrate the feature over the coming days.

In order to use the crypto payment option, customers need to have a Binance account. Once they have an account, they can select Binance Pay to complete payments for orders made on the pharmacy’s website, before proceeding to pick up their order at a convenient outlet.

The partnership is Binance’s latest move to expand its presence in the Ukrainian market. In April, the blockchain infrastructure company launched its Binance Ukraine subsidiary, with the aim of providing digital asset trading and other services to customers in the country. The move was part of Binance’s efforts to increase its presence in the European market and expand its services.

ANC Pharmacy’s move to integrate crypto payments is seen as a major step forward for cryptocurrency adoption in Europe. The feature has the potential to encourage the use of digital payments and open the door to wider crypto adoption in the region. It also highlights the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies by companies and businesses, as more and more institutions are choosing to embrace digital assets.

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